Why I hate August 31

I always thought “September Dread” would end with my childhood, but I was wrong. Now that I’m a parent with children entering school next week, I am downright grieved that the sun is setting on yet another summer holiday. I’m not sure what the people at Staples were thinking when they chose Bing Crosby’s It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year to usher in the Back-to-School season. Come to think of it, their accountants are singing and raising a glass, but I certainly am not. Here’s what my children and I will miss about the carefree days of summer:

  1. leisurely mornings without a deadline
  2. swimming in neighbours’ pools
  3. endless hours to devote to the sandbox
  4. gardening together
  5. beach days
  6. family bike rides to friends’ houses for barbeques
  7. petting neighbourhood dogs at the park at 11:00am
  8. camping
  9. reading bedtime stories outside
  10. being together as a family

 I would love to hear what my readers would add to this list (please leave your thoughts at the blog [not facebook] so that everyone can see them).

 Here’s to carefree summer days, innocent childhood years, and lasting family memories…


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  1. 1

    bettythecanadianmenno said,

    1. bonfires
    2. cool summer salads made from the garden
    3. warm sand under our toes
    4. being barefoot in the back yard
    5. biting into a cherry tomato still warm from the sun
    6. hour-long bike rides
    7. family hikes at the gorge
    8. picnics at the park
    9. road trips (yes, even those)
    10. the cottage…ANY cottage

    Sigh. And I’m definitely with you on number one….at least we’ll have each other.

    • 2

      Debbie said,

      I’m so with you on every one of them except #9. Well, maybe a bit. They’re always better in retrospect than when you’re sitting in traffic on the 400.

  2. 3

    Alison said,

    1. laying in bed on a morning discussing life and putting the world to rights
    2. My children’s proud expression after making breakfast for us all
    3. later bedtimes
    4. hearing “watch me mum” as my kids contort their bodies into all sorts of shapes while jumping into a pool ( any pool will do really…lol)
    5. sitting in a friends driveway watching a home made movie featuring our kids and themselves…so funny, I’m still laughing!!!
    6. the smell of summer rain
    7. water slides, play dates, splash pads, zooz
    8. doing crafts outside
    9. camping in the backyard
    10. the smell of sunblock

    Conversely, the 10 things that make me happy that summer holiday is over

    1. I don’t have to miss my children for two weeks at a time while they are with (or not with) their dad
    2. I don’t have to worry about my children’s safety while not in my care
    3. my children will no longer have to endure the watchful eye of the other…”looking at them”
    4. bickering…say no more.
    5. bickering…
    6. my kids are really excited about the upcoming school year
    7. struggling to come up with 7 & 8
    9. Not being one to wish time away because every minute does count… but it’s closer to my wedding 🙂
    10. back to school has a nostalgia for me that evokes feelings of excitement and possibility. Meeting new friends and reuniting with old. My children love school, and their friends. They love the independence that comes with a day away from me. It gives them a greater appreciation for the time they spend with me and it’s a joy to watch them grow academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

    • 4

      Debbie said,

      Well said, Alison. I too thought of posting a list of things I’d enjoy about the kids going back to school. A break from the bickering was definitely on it, as was:
      1. routine (always good to get out of for a while, but sooo good to get into again – at least for me 🙂
      2. a few hours of peace to get stuff done
      3. the kids’ excitement at learning new things
      4. interacting with other parents
      5. did I mention less bickering?

      You will notice, however, that this list is only half as long. I’m drawing a blank on numbers 6 – 10. 😦

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